South East Radio

South East Radio is registered as a company with the name Corrmuda Limited, and Company No. 130134. It was founded: 1989.

Corrmuda Limited is the Global Ultimate Owner of South East Radio

NOTES: South East Radio has been largely held by the Buttle Family since its establishment in 1989. Although the single largest shareholder in Corrmuda (South East Radio's GUO) is Filbeck Limited, the shares of that company are in turn split 50:50 between Norman and Eamonn Buttle as of March 2023. If we assigned Filbeck's shares to Norman and Eamonn Buttle, they respectively own 37.9% and 28.5% of the company.

What is a Global Ultimate Owner?

Ownership of Corrmuda Limited, by shareholding:

Name Percentage
 Filbeck Limited36.2%
 Norman Buttle19.81%
 Mary Buttle15.27%
 CMT Ltd13.27%
 Eamonn Buttle10.45%
 Hilary Buttle5%

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Source(s) of data used: Companies Registration Office. This share data was compiled: 03/2023
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